Social media housekeeping: why you must clean up your “following” count

Social media housekeeping: why you must clean up your “following” count

This post is part of our ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ series – a guide for using summer downtime to clean up your digital strategy.

Now that we’re well into summer, many marketers have entered their “slow” season. You could let these days pass you by with relative ease – no judgement here – or you could use this downtime to your advantage.

Taking a closer look at the accounts you follow on social media is a perfect mid-summer project – this is a task that’s often swept under the rug during more hectic times of the year.

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Who you follow is a huge reflection of your business’ social media strategy. Each follow should be curated and deliberate. Associating with accounts that have nothing to do with your industry or target audience will make your strategy look disorganized, random and possibly even spam-like.

Our infographic below illustrates how to clean up the accounts you follow so you can get the most out of your social media experience while maintaining strategic integrity.

Why your “following” count on social media matters:

following clean up

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