What led to the state of digital advertising in 2018?

What led to the state of digital advertising in 2018?

On February 22, Robin Eldred, Communicatto’s Director of Advertising, hosted a webinar on one of our favourite topics: digital advertising. Robin’s digital expertise made for an enlightening and entertaining look at the process of getting digital ad campaigns off the ground and keeping them afloat.

In order to understand where digital advertising is going in 2018, you first need to know where it came from. Our video below provides a quick highlight reel of the history of online advertising.

Get familiar with the history of digital advertising:


Many communicators are intimidated by digital advertising, but breaking the process down step-by-step helps make it manageable and, ultimately, successful. So that’s what Robin did.

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For a full explanation of each step of the digital advertising process, watch the full webinar below or check out the presentation slides.

Digital advertising in 2018:

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