Communicatto Question Period: Answering your questions about digital marketing

Communicatto Question Period: Answering your questions about digital marketing

Doug Lacombe in Ottawa visiting associations.There are many parents out there right now with kids at home who are juggling their work with school work. Suddenly you have to remember what the heck to do with fractions! And while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered to help kids with their homework, who do parents have to lend them a hand?

Doug Lacombe, that’s who! We’re rolling out a new experiment called Communicatto Question Period. Our very own Minister of Digital Marketing the “Rt. Honourable” Doug Lacombe will give you answers to all of the digital marketing dilemmas you’re facing.

The concept is pretty simple.

For the next couple of Mondays, we’ll be hosting a 30 minute virtual Q&A with Doug. All you need to do is show up and ask Doug any digital questions you have.

  • Have you got WordPress woes?
  • Does your SEO suck?
  • Digital ads going absolutely nowhere?
  • Or maybe you’ve got some tech troubles and would like Doug’s take?


As long as your point of clarification has something to do with digital tools, the odds are good that Doug has some kind of answer.

Our first #CommunicattoQP is happening on Monday, June 8, at 11AM and we’d love for you to join us.

You can register here!

The only thing you need to bear in mind is that unlike in Parliament, no hecklers are allowed! We won’t hesitate to use our virtual veto if necessary (just kidding, mostly)!

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