The 2017 digital media crossword challenge

The 2017 digital media crossword challenge

The weather outside is frightful; you better stay inside and get to work on our crossword.

We’re officially challenging you to try out our 2017 crossword puzzle. It’s time to summon your digital media expertise – you’re going to need it.

Using the hints below, can you solve the puzzle? And, more importantly, can you outdo your performance on?last year’s puzzle?

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6.?Association communicators are often faced with the challenge of having to sell ____ (i.e. ideas, sentiment and other abstract concepts).

8. Age ____ play a large role in determining your audience’s online habits.

9. In order to measure your conversion rate success, you must first specify a call-to-____.

10. ____ awareness is an indicator of how familiar audiences are with your organization.



1. ____ content is a smart and rewarding solution for marketers to curb creative burnout.

2. The “PESO” marketing model stands for “Paid, earned, social and ____”.

3. An ____ is a strategic blueprint for your digital communications strategy.

4. Don’t fall victim to a social media ____.

5. To really understand your ____, you’ve got to create detailed audience personas.

7. In order for your blog to rank higher on Google’s search results, you need an ____ strategy.


Need help? Check the blog posts linked in the clues.

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ANSWERS: (Across) 6. Intangibles; 8. Demographics; 9. Action; 10. Brand

(Down) 1. Repurposing; 2. Owned; 3. Editorial calendar; 4. Fail; 5. Target audience; 7. SEO

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